​Let’s Get To Know Each Other

Hello Guys, I’m AJ Oren.

Full name : Ajen Keunink Oren

The founder of this pet blog.

Here’s the thing – I am a crazy pet lover. I can’t leave without them. They are my lifeline.

So Why epicpetclub.com?

My goal for this website is to make pet knowledge simple, easy, and safe. Too many people look at their pets and does not have enough knowledge to care. My pet articles make you understand things in a simple and straightforward manner by giving you context  of every turn. This let’s you mentally visualize things, and remove any uncertainty that may cause fear.I also review the essential stuff that will keep your pet safe and happy, along with pet product reviews, tips and techniques on. Knowledge is power amigos.My hope is that as more that people enjoy reading this blog, the more they’ll share that joy, and the more happy people they’ll be in the world.

Meet the Editor

Hello there, I’m Jonah Ferrian

I am a 33 years old mother and pet behavior analyst.

I am also a proud mother of 2 beautiful kids and own bunch of pets and looking to get one more in the coming months.

Animal lover and keeper:

​My love for animals is not just limited to cats and dogs. If given the chance to do it all again, I would have taken a degree in zoology and I would probably have my own corner at the local zoo, taking care of different kinds of these loving creatures.

​Let me explain why:

I was in grade school when my parents took home an abandoned puppy wandering the streets of our tiny village. Since then, I would pick up and take home every straying puppy or kitten I see along the way. It was fun, until they became too many and I had to secretly sneak in few more rescues. Secretly, because my parents have gone furious that the household members got outnumbered by rescue animals. 

At an early age, I have had experience assisting cats and dogs giving birth. I had countless nights of sleeping beside the pet crates to make sure every baby gets fed. I’ve seen them grow from a tiny creature to a loving companion. Each one of the pets I took care hold a place in my heart so dearly.

​Why I love animals

I grew up in a household where both parents are working for the family. There were standards we need to meet in school, chores we need to do at home. My parents have always warned us about going outside and so we didn’t as much as we wanted to. Therefore, the pets have been my companions growing up.

They have combated my stress, loneliness, and depression. When they look at you, they see only you. When they care for you, they truly and sincerely care for you.

Fast forward to today, I own a cat, a dog, a couple of lizards, some tarantulas, and more than a dozen of African love birds. It has become an inside joke that my house is a mini zoo. What can I do? Even my kids love taking care of these creatures.

Owning a variety of species have had me nights of researching and reading care sheets and husbandry. It feels so good when what I have studied about the animals I keep works. Thus, the reason this site is up. So that I can share with others what I have researched that worked, those that did not, and the things that I did that I learned along the way. 

Right now, I have a team of two people coaching and helping me to produce content about our pets. The first team member is my husband who is very supportive of my hobby and a family friend who shares the same love for animals as I do. 

If you love cats and dogs (and other animals) as much as I do, then this site is for you. Join my mailing list and we can exchange ideas. You can also hit me for any questions or topics you may want me to talk about next. 

​Why You Should Hear Me?

​Well, there are many reasons to do that. But first,

We own a small pet clinic in my local area and have already did 3 professional course on pet analogy.

​I own lot of pets and I spend most of my day with them. I nurture and observe their behavior and their pattern so I can treat those who come to my clinic.

​With that being said, I am responsible for lot of pet related small conferences here in my area and train new pet owners how to take care of them properly.

I am researching and gaining knowledge day by day and I experiment a lot. Thus, whatever I say, comes from my experience. Not fluff stuff.

​However, you should definitely check out my disclosure page and treat the articles as a strict informational basis that’s because if you feel like your pet is having serious issue, you should immediately conduct a doctor as I am definitely won’t be available to answer your question via email at urgency.

Meet The Team

​I could have done this alone. But No!!.. One can not do everything. Since I am a busy mom & need to see my own pet clinic, it’s vital that someone should help me with all the moving parts of running this free site. I have a dedicated team of people who is helping me on some certain aspects. They all are awesome just like you!!.. wanna see? Head over to the meet the team page here

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